Unique Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale Packaging Ideas


Hair extensions are a fast-growing fashion trend that has become very popular equally among men and women. Hair looks and styling is the first thing you think of when you are considering making a style statement. With the advancement of glamour and the fashion industry, the demand for styling products and accessories is all the rage. Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale are not an exception. All the fashion and makeup influencers are encouraging the use and demand for this amazing styling tool.

What makes hair extensions special?

Hair extensions provide their users with a quick and attractive fix to the hair without using damaging heat treatments and hair products. You do not even have to bleach or color your hair to change your look. All you have to do is put on a hair extension. The best thing about hair extensions is that unlike wigs they look very real, and no one can guess that it is not your hair. Alternatively, you can even enhance your hair by using smaller pieces of extensions. They give more volume and thickness to your hair in a very seamless way.

Packaging of Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale

The quality standards of a product are very important to have an impact on the buyers. As important as it is to make a good quality product, you cannot ignore the importance of packaging quality to complement it. Packaging standards have a direct impact on the sales of any item. Good packaging is an important marketing strategy to promote your brand of Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale. Hair extensions are used as a luxury item so the packaging must be up to the mark.

Requirements for a good packaging box

To make your brand of hair extensions look unique and exclusive, you need to keep in mind a few basic requirements.  Your Custom Hair Extension Boxes must meet the following parameters to attract your target audience.

Quality material

The material for the packaging of Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale must be of premium quality. This is not only important to lure the customers but also to keep the contents of the box fresh. Quality is a very important factor for a better presentation of your company. There are a wide variety of packaging materials available from which you can choose to make your Custom Hair Extension Boxes .

Safety of product

The packaging design and material that you select must make sure that your hair extensions are safe and secure. Hair extensions are delicate items and if they are not stored in a strong packaging box, they can get damaged. To keep them tangle-free and free from dust and moisture. The material of the box should also be resistant to tear and damage.

Product display

Hair extensions are available in various colors according to the choice of every client. Clients must have an idea of the exact color and tone of the hair extensions when buying them. For this purpose, you can give a photo and description of the color and tone of hair extension on the hair extension boxes. Also, you can have a window cut out on top for them to view the color of the item.

Colors and prints that stand out

The selection of a product by the buyers depends largely on its visual appeal. If the packaging looks dull and boring, customers will not want to buy it. In addition to providing a quality product, you must keep in mind the look of your packaging box. It is also a very important marketing strategy to get your product noticed.

Reusable and strong closure

The closure of the hair extension box that you select for your packaging must be strong and secure. This is very important because customers want packaging that they can use on regular basis. There is no use in having high-quality hair extensions when you are going to have to put them away in a drawer. Without easily reuse bale packaging the extensions can get easily damaged.


It is very important to incorporate the branding or name of your company on your hair extension boxes. This is necessary for the recognition of your product as unique and exclusive. Making your branding print on your packaging helps your build trust among your customers regarding your brand. You can use various latest printing techniques to make incorporate your logo or brand name on your hair extension box.


The packaging of hair extensions like any other packaging should be sustainable and eco-friendly. There is a rise in demand for packaging options that do not pose harm to the environment. Most packaging options for hair extensions are derived from plant sources that are environment-friendly and easily recyclable.

Wholesale manufacture

For convenience, you can have your hair extension boxes made in bulk. Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale give the benefit of getting hold of exclusive sales and discounts. Wholesale suppliers make the product keeping in mind premium quality standards that meet the demands of the market.

Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale Packaging Styles

There are unlimited styles that you can choose from to pick your required style for making a hair extension box. Following styles are commonly used for the Custom Packaging of hair extensions.

 Window cut boxes

Window cut boxes have a window cut out on top of the box by die-cutting technique with a transparent plastic sheet on it to display the contents of the box. Buyers can easily have a glimpse of the color and look of the hair extension.

Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes offer a beautiful look and design that is also very handy in use. They look like a pillow that has closures on two ends from which the extensions can be easily removed.

Drawer boxes

These are sleeve boxes that can accommodate all types of extensions and you can easily remove and place the extension by sliding off the cover. Their drawer design comes in handy for storage.

Foldable boxes

Foldable boxes are made of rigid material, and they are used for luxury products since they are a little more expensive.

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